Dimension sorting for green lumber

Dimension sorting plant receives the lumber from the saw and sorts it dimensionally into pockets.

Automatic camera grading unit can be added into the dimension sorting plant. The automatic camera grading can be equipped with lumber trimming option – i.e. with trimmer and servo saw constructions.

The key requirements for dimension sorting plant are reliability, wide dimensional handling capacity and “gentle” handling of lumber. Our dimension sorting plants can handle lumber dimensions with thickness 15-120 mm and width 75-300 mm. Maximum speed of sorting line is 160 pcs/min.

A typical sorting line consist of the following functions: receiving of lumber, dispersal, feeding, measuring, turning, cutting off the ends, sorting, pocketing and de-pocketing.

Multipurpose plants

The idea of multipurpose plant is to combine the handling of both dried and undried lumber in the same plant. Multipurpose plant can be chosen when there is enough capacity to handle both dried and undried lumber. Undried lumber goes through dimension sorting and sticking whereas the dried lumber is graded and packed. A multipurpose plant consists of the following units: Unpacking and dispersal, feeding, sorting, cutting off the ends, sorting conveyor and pockets, collecting conveyor, dispersal, feeding, stacking, sticking or middle flats and packing. Smaller scale multipurpose plants with combined packet de-stacking, sticking and packing functions can be used for example in manufacturing of thermowood and other further processing facilities.  

Dry lumber sorting plants

Grading plant is a part of the larger sawmills. It is used for the grading and packing of the lumber coming from the dryer. Our state-of-the art grading plant is fully automatized. Grading plant includes the following units: dismantling of packages coming from the dryer, separating the sticks, feeding, grading, trimming to final length, sorting conveyor and pockets, collecting conveyors and packing.

Sticking plants

Sticking plant consists of equipment for collecting lumber stacks for drying.  Sticking is one of key processes at sawmill as it takes speed and reliability to ensure the optimal performance of the following drying process.  BioCone sticking plant is a result of long term product development, the new sticking machines can reach even 220 piece/min line speed.

The most important unit of the sticking plant is the sticking machine which collects the loads going into the dryer.  Sticks are distributed reliably by stick automat, the minimum distance between sticks being 300 mm.   Sticking usually consists of the following functions: dispersal, feeding, ending, stacking, feeding of sticks, lift, handling beams or carriages and transporting of loads.

In stick handling the stick conveying process can be automated from dry sorting back to sticking plant by transfer and buffering conveyors. The other method is to bundle or collect sticks to cages from drying mill and dismantle the stick bundles to stick in – feed.

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