Road full of steel from Kitee   (Published: 18.08.2016)

Story by Aladár Bayer, Koti-Karjala 18.08.2016

On Wednesday morning, the road number 6 was taken up by steel from Kitee, when a caravan of four trucks headed to Central Finland hit the road transporting metal structures manufactured by BioCone Tolosenmäki mill.

- These are metal strucutres of a biogas plant that EcoEnergy SF is building in Äänekoski, Mika Kärnä, the CEO of BioCOne Oy explains.– To be more precise – these are the top structures of a bioreactor.

This is the first delivery of the new company settled in the former Kit-Sell mill.

- Today we are shipping four trucks to Äänekoski, each delivery weighing more than ten tons. With width of 7 meters, the transportation looks quite impressive.

First, the caravan heads towards Joensuu and from there via Varkaus to Äänekoski. The travel time is estimated to be from 8 to 10 hours.

- This is just the first delivery. During the fall, we shall deliver more large funnels, conveyors and other steel structures to the biogas plant, Kärnä continues.

The biogas plant EcoEnergy SF Oy is building should be up and running in summer 2017. EcoEnergy SF Oy belongs to the same group of companies than BioCone Oy and Provetek Oy.

The biogas plant is part of the Bioproduct Mill constructed by MetsäFibre-company. When in operation, the biogas plant shall employ 12-16 people in Äänekoski.

The seven meters wide reactor structure made the road appear narrow. When installed, the reactors are 28 meters high and 14 meters by diameter. The caravan has already travelled safely to Joensuu.

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