BioCone Oy to participte the Finnish Sawmill-Days on October 5-6 th   (Published: 30.08.2016)

The theme for the annual Finnish Sawmill-days is “Sawmill industries take up the Bio-economy challenge”. The growth of Bio-economy is dependent on the competitiveness of sawmill industries. Successful forest management and utilization requires a suitable and profitable mode of usage for each size and type of timber.  

Technology industries have taken up this challenge. Innovations both in product delvelopment as well as in process and equipment manufacturing are playing the key role in growth and profitability of the industry.

Sawmill-days are the showroom for companies to present the technological innovations to their b-to-b customers, industry experts and professionals.

BioCone Oy is also machining the bio-economy future. In addition to sawmill technologies inherited from former Kit-Sell Oy, BioCone Oy is developing and expanding the scope of business to fast growing bioeconomy sector. The owners of BioCone have a strong expertise in designing and manufacturing equipment and processes for biotechnology and cleantech industries. BioCone is offering a broad range of products and process solutions for sawmills and other bio-economy sectors.

We look forward to welcoming you to visit our stand in Aulanko – and having fruitful and interesting discussions with you on bio-economy trends.

Mika Kärnä
BioCone Oy

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